Highest stallion bonits in Holsteiner history!!


     LINTAS was the #1 stallion at his approvals in Neumunster when the young two year olds were brought together to start the process of picking the very best ones to be used for breeding. This amazing celebration of the Holsteiner breed is attended by all serious breeders from Germany and many from other countries.  I was lucky enough to have been at the Holsteiner approvals in 1997 and watched this great horse win out over all.  Most outstanding in jumping and HUGE dressage gaits.  He was pronounced SIEGER......the BEST!  I had never been so impressed with any horse in my life, never dreaming that it would come to pass that I would be privileged to own him and he would stand in my barn.

    As a breeding stallion he has surpassed any wild expectations.  He is on the road to standing along side Rantares as a truly great stallion.  He has produced approximately 80% premium foals.  Not only are they beautiful, but are correct and have stunning gaits.  Temperaments on his foals are the easiest that I have ever worked with.  Quiet, thoughtful and slow to react to strange situations.  His first year at stud he produced Approved Stallion, LintasBoy R, that scored an incredible 148 points at his 10 Day test.  (100 is  average.)

    The pedigree of Lintas is outstanding.  His father is Linaro (Landgraf I /Calypso) a great known jumping pedigree.  On the dams side: his mother sire is Lacapo, the sire of the #1 dressage sire of all time, Flemingh. The bottom side of the mothers pedigree gos back again to great jumpers Capitano and Silbersee. His stamm is 1811.

    His consistent production of high quality is amazing. According to official results of AHHA approvals from 2000 through 2010, Lintas has had 24 foals presented: 75% premium with the AVERAGE scores being 7.1  /  7.7 !!! This is truly a huge accomplishment. Very few stallions come close to this.

Five mares by Lintas were presented and ALL FIVE scored between 45 and 49points. Average of all mares =

Type 6.8.

Topline= 6.2.

Front leg= 6.2.

Hind leg = 6.0.

Walk= 6.6.

Trot= 7.6.

Canter= 7.2.

    At 2011 AHHA approvals 3 foals presented and recieved 7/8, 8/8. and 8/8.

One mare presented: premium with 47 points